Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Garth Brooks about to do something Special

This weekend even the toughest Garth Brooks critics
will be turned around.

Because this weekend it starts.

In a small historical theater in Vegas, while the rest of the city
is putting on glitzy expensive shows laced with special effects,
Garth Brooks will be sitting on a stool with his guitar, no back
up band, just Garth and his music.

There will be no bells and whistles, just music. For years the
critics have wrongly suggested that Garth is just an arena rock
act who can only sell seats because he swings on a rope ladder,
pours water over people and sets the stage on fire.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Those who have seen him do a acoustic show have
been memorized by his performance, and this weekend
Garth Brooks will perform his magic in Vegas in front
of only 1500 people, just Garth and his music the way
it should be.

It will take just one performance and then Garth's place in
History will be cemented.

He will have the respected of his peers and the last of
his critics will be silenced.

He may be retired but The Dance is only beginning.

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