Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can Cricket Umpires be Bought?

The man in the white hat is Billy Bowden a cricket umpire.

He is seen here hugging Steve Waugh from a few years ago.

He is regarded as one of the best Umpires in the world, mainly
by the Australian team.

After every series the hosts rate the umpires and the Australians
always gives Billy Bowden an A rating.

Thus he always gets invited back to umpire Aussies home games.

So there lies the question, can an umpire been bought or swayed
by the home team??

If a Umpire likes plying his trade in Australia he would
want to keep his hosts happy, wouldn't he?

If an Umpire makes a handful of mistakes that always goes
in the home team favour, then that would raise serious
questions, wouldn't it Billy?

But with any lack of hard evidence, nothing can be done,
although it is fair to raise the question.

Just ask the West Indies!

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