Thursday, November 26, 2009

They came back and they were magnificent

Well the Seinfeld reunion that isn't a reunion is over.

They came back and they were magnificent. The first few episodes
involving the Seinfeld cast, didn't quite do it for me,
mainly because they played their real lifeselves.

But the last two were pure Seinfeld, last week episode
the cast did a read through that also had Kenny Bania,
Newman and George's mum.

All slipped back into their Seinfeld roles.

This week showed Larry David watching scenes from
the fictitious Seinfeld Reunion, and Seinfeld and
the cast as their real life selves in rehearsal.

The Seinfeld show part lasted around 6 minutes, but it was classic,
it could of been from any season. Basically George had come up
with an idea of a Iphone application that lets you know the location
of a bathroom anywhere in the world, invested his money and he had
lost it all by investing with Bernie Madoff.

IMHO all the actors slipped back into their roles with ease, with
Jason Alexander putting in a supreme performance, the acting ability
of this man is beyond belief, I often thought he was the star of
Seinfeld, and tonight showed why.

It was great to see them all in action and it was great to get a
ending to a great show even though it was on someone else's show.

Soup for everybody!!!!!!!

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