Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BillBoard makes Big change to Top 200 Album Charts

Not since 1991 and the introduction of Soundscan has
Billboard made such a massive change to their top 200
album charts.

Previously albums that were over two years old, or
had dropped out the top 100 albums for a
week,weren't eligible.

This has now changed, and every album that is sold thru soundscan
(Which is 98% of all albums in the USA) will count towards
the charts.

We will see some classic albums back on the chart
for a whole new generation to enjoy, 20 years from
now instead of some kid looking at the latest chart
and seeing a bunch of manufactured pop acts, they
might see Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Garth Brooks,
Elvis, etc etc etc.

This is why I think this is brilliant.

Since soundscan came in, the album charts have been
accurate, expect for this one little flaw, that has
now been closed.

Music is the winner.

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