Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Easy and the Amazing Race

Last night episode was a great one, first off the father and son
team got eliminated. The goodlooking young couple got in first
place, although I think their egos will get the better of them.

My favorite team, the globetrotters got in a bit of trouble in
the race to the finish line, as they attempted to overtake Sam
and Dan, Sam (I think) fell over.

Sam and Dan still made it to the finish line ahead, but complained
to Phil that the Globetrotters pushed them over. The Globetrotters
said they were elbowed out the way.

My view on it was, the Globetrotters who were a lot
quicker tried to get past and Sam and Dan, who tried
to blocked them with their bodies and
Sam and Dan fell over.

I dont believe the Globetrotters pushed them, I mean if someone
who is six foot feet pushes you over, your going to stay on
the ground for awhile.

Anyway, cant wait for next week. Hopefully there will be more

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