Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Basketball is Popular for the Following Reasons

The Players are tremendous sportspeople, they have speed, they
have strength , they have athletic ability, the players are cut, they
have virtual leaps of 40 inches, they can shoot 40 feet jump shots or
dunk the ball, the finesse of the players on court are equaled to the
top ballet dancers, they can get down the other end of the court as
fast as a world class sprinter. They are in superb physical condition.
The game is like also like Chess with set moves and the coaching staff
with the better tactics will come up trumps.

So my question is, why does the New Zealand media
continue to say this quote...

"Basketball and Football are popular worldwide because they are simple sports"

Our media have such a chip of their shoulder about any
sport that isn't rugby, they cant comprehend that a sport
may be more popular outside our country than
their precious Rugby Union, so their has to be an excuse.

It is just getting too,repetitive now though, with Breakers
do well in the NBL, and The All Whites on the verge on
making the Football world cup, they feel threatened.

The real losers in this though is the public, who get feed their
BS on a daily basics.

The media needs to pull their heads in, and show respect for
all sports and not just their little favorite, then and only them
will the sporting public of NewZealand be better off.

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