Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Blackeye for the NewZealand Music Media

Nickelback did a concert in New Zealand last night.

I didn't go.

I have been informed when they were about to launch
into their cover of Garth Brooks's Friends in Low
Places, they said this is a famous song that
no matter where you sing it in the world
everybody knows it.

Well, no one knew the words, the lead singer
said "its never gone that badly before"

IMHO this is the fault of the ignorance of the
New Zealand media and the crappy
treatment they give country music.

Friends in Low Places is known around the world but
not here, Where our media feels the need to treat the
genre like a bunch of immature little
ten year old boys.

I originally had a chuckled when I first heard this
story, kinda expected it, but now I actually feel
sick to my stomach and a sense of sadness.

For someone who has followed the genre since 1987, to
have emails from NZ leading music TV stations saying they
wont call Taylor Swift a country artist, to shy away from the
original version of If Tomorrow Never Comes, to basically
give no coverage at all to a music form is heart breaking.

The fact that our music public hadn't heard of Friends in Low
Places despite this song being known all over the globe is
a disgrace to our music media, everybody involve in retail
and radio and print and TV needs to hang their heads in shame.

They need to grow up and stop giggling like little schoolboys
everytime someone brings up country music.

Because of the immaturely of NewZealand music Journos we
have missed out on so much, I should have no reason to be
embarrassed for liking country music and I shouldn't have to
say sorry for liking it, it's just a shame that the public dont
get to hear great songs such as Friends in Low Places.

Thanks for the effort Nickelback, can you please come back when we
mature as a Nation.

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