Thursday, November 26, 2009

They came back and they were magnificent

Well the Seinfeld reunion that isn't a reunion is over.

They came back and they were magnificent. The first few episodes
involving the Seinfeld cast, didn't quite do it for me,
mainly because they played their real lifeselves.

But the last two were pure Seinfeld, last week episode
the cast did a read through that also had Kenny Bania,
Newman and George's mum.

All slipped back into their Seinfeld roles.

This week showed Larry David watching scenes from
the fictitious Seinfeld Reunion, and Seinfeld and
the cast as their real life selves in rehearsal.

The Seinfeld show part lasted around 6 minutes, but it was classic,
it could of been from any season. Basically George had come up
with an idea of a Iphone application that lets you know the location
of a bathroom anywhere in the world, invested his money and he had
lost it all by investing with Bernie Madoff.

IMHO all the actors slipped back into their roles with ease, with
Jason Alexander putting in a supreme performance, the acting ability
of this man is beyond belief, I often thought he was the star of
Seinfeld, and tonight showed why.

It was great to see them all in action and it was great to get a
ending to a great show even though it was on someone else's show.

Soup for everybody!!!!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's about Choice

NewZealand's biggest racist John Minto wants to ban pokie machines.

In his opinion they do so much harm to society.

He wants a public referendum if they should be banned or not.

Well I'm afraid Mr Minto, Democracy is all about choice.

It is my choice to eat what I like.

It is my choice to drink what I like.

It is my choice to listen to what music I like.

It is my choice to watch the TV programmes I like.

It is my choice to play the sport that I like.

If I want to put a two dollar coin in a machine, that is
my choice and that choice should NEVER be taken away from

John Minto's political Ideology upsets most people, but
when he starts to want to take away choice, he becomes

Mr Minto, you have NO right to tell New Zealanders what they
can or cannot do.

What part of that don't you understand????

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Easy and the Amazing Race

Last night episode was a great one, first off the father and son
team got eliminated. The goodlooking young couple got in first
place, although I think their egos will get the better of them.

My favorite team, the globetrotters got in a bit of trouble in
the race to the finish line, as they attempted to overtake Sam
and Dan, Sam (I think) fell over.

Sam and Dan still made it to the finish line ahead, but complained
to Phil that the Globetrotters pushed them over. The Globetrotters
said they were elbowed out the way.

My view on it was, the Globetrotters who were a lot
quicker tried to get past and Sam and Dan, who tried
to blocked them with their bodies and
Sam and Dan fell over.

I dont believe the Globetrotters pushed them, I mean if someone
who is six foot feet pushes you over, your going to stay on
the ground for awhile.

Anyway, cant wait for next week. Hopefully there will be more

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Goal

Proud to be Kiwi

What a game, the players deserve knighthoods. They played
the game of their lives. So many stars in this match.

Rory Fallon for the Goal, Nelson for his defense, Paston
for his penalty save, and Herbert for his coaching.

They deserve this, they deserve everything that is going
to happen to them in the next few months. They can feel proud
and happy for what they have done for themselves and their

This is huge.

It's huge for New Zealand sport.

It's huge for our country.

It means so much to football.

It means so much to all sport in New Zealand.

It means so much to me.

It will change the way TV looks at sport in NewZealand.

It will change the way advertisers look at sport in New Zealand

It will change the way the public look at sport in NewZealand.

It will change everything.

Hats off to them!!!!!

NewZealand Fans go Crazy after the final whistle

Five seconds into this youtube video the crowd cheers
after our goal keeper makes a save.

Eleven seconds into the video, the ref blows the final whistle
and the crowd goes nuts.

New Zealand has made the world cup.

I didn't take this video.

WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW ZEALAND HAS MADE THE 2010 WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WILL WRITE MORE IN MY NEXT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

One Day to Go

One day to go, to the most important sports match
in New Zealand's History.

It will be pure joy, or pure sadness.

Win and make our first world cup since 1982 and Football
is set up forever in New Zealand.

Lose, and well I don't want to think about that.

I wont be getting much sleep tonight.

Fingers and Toes are crossed.

Prays are said.

Good thoughts are going out.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Darius Rucker Wins Best New Artist

Congrats to Darius for being the first African American to
win best new artist at the CMA's.

This is truly a historic moment in the history of country

Earlier this year when Jamie Fox sang for George Strait at
a celebration for Strait's career,it was clear that country music
is now touching a whole new fan base.

Darius who is probably best known for being lead singer of
Hootie and the Blowfish has decided to give country music
a try.

He always has had a love of country music, growing up
listening to Charley Pride gave him a feel for the genre.

In 1995, when Garth Brooks beat out Hootie and the Blowfish
for Entertainer of the year at the AMA's, Garth gave the
award to Darius because he thought he deserved it.

Darius has been rewarded for having a brilliant year, and
this award will surly open more doors and give country
music a bigger reach.

Country music has always broken down boundaries, and this
is a just another step in it's rich history.

Well done to Darius.

Taylor Swift Makes History

Taylor Swift has made music history.

She is the youngest artist ever to win "Entertainer of the Year"
at the CMA's.

At only 19 this is an astounding feat. The Entertainer of the
year award normally goes to artists such as George Strait or
Kenny Chesney and was of course dominated by Garth Brooks in
the 90's.

Taylor deserves this, the award goes to the artist who has
been represented country music, and Taylor has done a wonderful
job on representing country music in the past year all over
the globe.

I hope the genre treats her right, she will be true to the music
as a writer and a musician.

May her success continue for years to come.

Kenny Chesney Attempts to Make History

Ever since Garth Brooks took up retirement to raise his three
daughters, Kenny Chesney has been leading the way for male
country artists, and tonight he will be looking to break a
record hold by Garth.

If he wins Entertainer of the year at the CMA's it will be his fifth
EOTY award, breaking Garth's record.

Tonight should also see the very talented and very beautiful Taylor
Swift take home a swag of trophy's.

Tonight is a big night for the country music industry, ever since
Garth Brooks sang Shameless on stage at these awards show the
ratings have been thru the roof and the CMA's is now a major part
of American culture.

TV3 in New Zealand which use to take this award show, now sadly doesn't
hopefully the print media here and the folks at will at
least give it a mention.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BillBoard makes Big change to Top 200 Album Charts

Not since 1991 and the introduction of Soundscan has
Billboard made such a massive change to their top 200
album charts.

Previously albums that were over two years old, or
had dropped out the top 100 albums for a
week,weren't eligible.

This has now changed, and every album that is sold thru soundscan
(Which is 98% of all albums in the USA) will count towards
the charts.

We will see some classic albums back on the chart
for a whole new generation to enjoy, 20 years from
now instead of some kid looking at the latest chart
and seeing a bunch of manufactured pop acts, they
might see Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Garth Brooks,
Elvis, etc etc etc.

This is why I think this is brilliant.

Since soundscan came in, the album charts have been
accurate, expect for this one little flaw, that has
now been closed.

Music is the winner.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Final Countdown

Five Sleeps to go.

To the Most Important sports match ever.

Two Countries.

Both trying for a spot at the 2010 World Cup.

Words cant describe what this will mean to New Zealanders.

The hopes of all sporting codes in New Zealand rest on our footballers.

They will all benefit if we win.

If we don't, normal business will resume.

We just have to win.

Fingers Crossed.

Toes crossed.

Prays are said.

Let the Final Countdown begin.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Blackeye for the NewZealand Music Media

Nickelback did a concert in New Zealand last night.

I didn't go.

I have been informed when they were about to launch
into their cover of Garth Brooks's Friends in Low
Places, they said this is a famous song that
no matter where you sing it in the world
everybody knows it.

Well, no one knew the words, the lead singer
said "its never gone that badly before"

IMHO this is the fault of the ignorance of the
New Zealand media and the crappy
treatment they give country music.

Friends in Low Places is known around the world but
not here, Where our media feels the need to treat the
genre like a bunch of immature little
ten year old boys.

I originally had a chuckled when I first heard this
story, kinda expected it, but now I actually feel
sick to my stomach and a sense of sadness.

For someone who has followed the genre since 1987, to
have emails from NZ leading music TV stations saying they
wont call Taylor Swift a country artist, to shy away from the
original version of If Tomorrow Never Comes, to basically
give no coverage at all to a music form is heart breaking.

The fact that our music public hadn't heard of Friends in Low
Places despite this song being known all over the globe is
a disgrace to our music media, everybody involve in retail
and radio and print and TV needs to hang their heads in shame.

They need to grow up and stop giggling like little schoolboys
everytime someone brings up country music.

Because of the immaturely of NewZealand music Journos we
have missed out on so much, I should have no reason to be
embarrassed for liking country music and I shouldn't have to
say sorry for liking it, it's just a shame that the public dont
get to hear great songs such as Friends in Low Places.

Thanks for the effort Nickelback, can you please come back when we
mature as a Nation.

What Does that Clown Think he is doing?

Scariest Clown ever.

I love Krusty, I dont care for Ronald.

But Stephen King's clown from IT freaks me out.

There was a report in our media today, how a lady took her employers to
court for not taking down a clown photo.

She had that Phobia.

I agree with her. There is nothing funny or normal about a clown.

I just don't trust the suckers.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jon Stewart is Perfect

Jon Stewart's impersonation of Glenn Beck will go down
in comedy history. It was perfect in everyway.

He got the bizarre rantings of Beck downpact.

I will go as far to say that this was the Daily show's
greatest moment.

Checkout the for the clip.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Hone Harawira is a loser.

What kind of grown man would call a whole race of people "Mother F***ers"

How stupid must you be as a person/politician/man to use that type of language?

Basically Hone received a letter questioning him about why he went to Paris for a day when
he was suppose to be at meetings paid for by the Tax Payer.

His reply was that white people were Mother F***ers.

What an Idiot.

Enough said.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ramsay Signs on for another show

Chef Gordon Ramsay has signed on to do another show,
the show will be called MasterChef, not be confused with
MasterChef UK, and the show will involve Ramsay trying to
teach people who have never cooked before and turning them
into masterchefs.

He has also said there will be no more series of Kitchen
Nightmares UK, but will continue with the USA version.

All his TV work apparently just takes up around three months.
I'm a big fan of Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, but I can
do without the other dozen or so projects that he has on.

He is still IMHO one of the best Chefs in the world, I
only hope he doesnt do anything to harm his legacy, because
he deserves better.

Now I'm off to have some Scallops.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bailey Junior Kurariki back in court

The thug with a thousand life's is due back in court on domestic
violence and willful damage charges.

I have a few wishes this time, one he doesn't appear in front of the
same judge who always gives him one more last chance.

My second wish is that certain Green Party politicians don't blame
society for the crimes of this guy.

My third wish is I hope his priest stops telling us how bright and
good he is.

My fourth wish is I hope the media creates hell if he gets no jail
sentence, I doubt all this will happen though.

Never in the History of crime in New Zealand has one person
never taken responsibility for their actions, the public should
be outraged at this person and lets hope that he is kept away
from the public for a long time.

Basketball is Popular for the Following Reasons

The Players are tremendous sportspeople, they have speed, they
have strength , they have athletic ability, the players are cut, they
have virtual leaps of 40 inches, they can shoot 40 feet jump shots or
dunk the ball, the finesse of the players on court are equaled to the
top ballet dancers, they can get down the other end of the court as
fast as a world class sprinter. They are in superb physical condition.
The game is like also like Chess with set moves and the coaching staff
with the better tactics will come up trumps.

So my question is, why does the New Zealand media
continue to say this quote...

"Basketball and Football are popular worldwide because they are simple sports"

Our media have such a chip of their shoulder about any
sport that isn't rugby, they cant comprehend that a sport
may be more popular outside our country than
their precious Rugby Union, so their has to be an excuse.

It is just getting too,repetitive now though, with Breakers
do well in the NBL, and The All Whites on the verge on
making the Football world cup, they feel threatened.

The real losers in this though is the public, who get feed their
BS on a daily basics.

The media needs to pull their heads in, and show respect for
all sports and not just their little favorite, then and only them
will the sporting public of NewZealand be better off.