Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's Gotta Hurt

This is why I don't Box and never will.

I will never take up boxing/Karate/Cage Fighting or anything that could cause me physical pain.

Shane Cameron was beaten by David Tua in a title fight over the weekend.

I guess the word beaten is not the right one to use in this context, he was slaughtered, he was massacred he got a lesson in pain, it was vicious, it was like watching the Tyson of old, watching Tua do this to Cameron.

Why do Boxers do it? Why would you choose a career where your safety is at great risk, and you will hurt after a days work.

Hats off to all Boxers, I couldn't do it.

That picture of Shane Cameron would put anyone off of Boxing for life, wouldn't it?

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