Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Six Years in the Slammer

Meet the face of Evil.

Taito Phillip Field has been sentence to six years in jail, IMHO it's six years to short.

He used his position of power, as a politician in New Zealand's leading left wing party, The Labour Party, to take advantage of hard working wanna be immigrants. Not only did this piece of work, had the audacity to say he was doing the right thing, he also tried to pervert the course of justice and has shown no remorse whatsoever for his crimes.

It's also sickening that his supporters and he himself are racist and trying to blame the Asian immigrants for his troubles.

This is a big wakeup call to Political parties in New Zealand, if your going to select someone to run for you please think twice about who you pick, and vet these guys.

Ona more positive note, the poor and the hardworking are a lot better off with Taito locked away, long may it stay that way.

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