Sunday, October 25, 2009

RIAA Top Selling Male Artists of all time

1. Garth Brooks Country
2. Elvis Presley Rock
3. Billy Joel Pop
4. Elton John Pop, Rock
5. George Strait Country
6. Bruce Springsteen Rock
7. Michael Jackson Pop, R&B
8. Kenny Rogers Country
9. Neil Diamond Pop, Rock
10. Alan Jackson Country
11. Eric Clapton Rock, Blues
12. Prince Pop, Funk, R&B
13. Tupac Shakur Hip Hop
Rank Singer Primary Genre(s)
14. Rod Stewart Rock, Pop
15. Bob Dylan Rock, Folk
16. Tim McGraw Country
17. Willie Nelson Country
18. Phil Collins Rock, Pop
19. R. Kelly R&B, Hip Hop
20. James Taylor Pop, Folk
21. John Denver Folk, Country, Pop
22. Tom Petty Rock
23. Ozzy Osbourne Rock
24. Michael Bolton Pop
25. John Mellencamp Rock

The RIAA has released thier list of the top selling Male Artists of all time.

The list is topped by Garth Brooks who has sold more albums than any other Male Artist in the USA.

The list is also dominated by Country Music Artists.

Country Music dominates music in the USA, the New Zealand media may see it as a small genre, but over there nothing comes close.

We are missing out on a whole form of music, because our media is too stupid to do any research or for some bizarre reason feel embarrassed if they even mention they like country artist.

All I can say is thanks for the Internet, where we don't have to rely on our insular media telling us what is good and what is not.


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