Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Night Chicago Died

Nearly 50 thousand jobs lost since 2007 in the Construction and Hospitality field.

People unable to pay their mortgages.

Now a serious blow to recovery, Chicago has lost the Olympics to Rio. While the World media is celebrating, while Republicans may celebrate this as a defeat for President Obama, while Anti American people around the world may have a smile on their face, the good people on Chicago are worse off.

The Olympics would of bought, jobs for nearly a decade for tens of thousand of people, it would of bought tourists and publicity, it would of been a celebration, so feel happy for Rio, its going to be great for South America, but don't celebrate Chicago not getting the games because you have a chip on your shoulder about the USA, its a sad day for this great city.

Like they always do though, the good people of Chicago will pull through these economic times, and grow stronger and stronger, its in their nature they are fighters and hats off to them for it.

May Rio have a great Olympics also.

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