Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Most Important Sports Match In New Zealand's History

Make no mistake, The All Whites match versus Bahrain is not only the most important FOOTBALL match in our history, but the most important SPORT match in the history of our country.

We need this to make 2010 a complete sporting year. Winter Olympics/Commonwealth Games/World Basketball Champs/ Tua title shot, but the world cup is the big one.

In times of a recession, we need this pure emotional outburst a win will bring.

We all need to feel like a kid again, and in this point of History, the All Whites are the team to do it.

In terms of Football, make no mistake about it, if we don't go through, that's it for International football for New Zealand , it's no secret that Oceania is Dead, and if we wanted to continue in International Football we would have to be a part of Asia, and we just wont have the money or resources in this country for that to happen.

So there is more at stake than just another World Cup Campaign.

Secondly, the media in this country who aren't kind to any sport that isn't Rugby, Cricket or Netball, would have a field day, they would say Bahrain was a weak opponent, and would use the result to justify not giving coverage to Football.

Sparc will say, "We only give money to winners and not losers."

Football at all levels will die, but it's not just Football that will die and be hurt, it will be every sport that finds itself getting raped by our media.

Believe me, all Sports that are deemed to be a threat to Rugby Union will lose out.

This is why we can't afford to lose.

On the other side of the coin, when we beat Bahrain, the Public will go nuts, it will be something that our country has never seen before, you thought 1982 was an awesome public reaction, just wait till November 14th.

Remember back in 1982, there was no internet, no multi TV Channels, No Cell Phones, No Radio Sport, only a few papers, now thanks to all the wonderful advancements in communications, the feeling of joy will be tenfold.

Every kid will be out with a soccerball at the local park, they will be turning on Sky TV and tuning into the Premiership, can you imagine all the requests that Santa is going to get?

Every Blogger, will be blogging themselves out of their collective trees.

Every Officer worker/Cleaner/Teacher/Builder will have one thing on their mind, Football.

Media and advertisers wont be able to ignore it, it will just be too massive, there is no way fairfax/TVNZ will get away with their usual trash.

Advertisers will see it, the money boys will see it, and they will think "Hey perhaps we should invest in these soccer guys?"

Then there will be a flow on effort and other sports will get their turn.

Advertisers will start looking at sports like Basketball, Track and Field and Volleyball.

This is why this match is the most important sports match in our history, not just for football, but for other sports that are global outside our shores but a minority sport in our country.

More importantly, how would you feel? I remember the most emotional I have ever gotten over a sporting event was the 1982 All Whites, (and Basketball is my number one sport) I was just a kid, but it was my whole life. I must of gotten Bobby Almonds autograph over six times at various different events.

Im pushing 40 now, and this match means so much to me, more than I thought it would, I feel if the All Whites win part of my childhood stay alive, I want this victory so bad for The All Whites, it is physically hurting, I have had stomachaches and headaches for the past week, It will be devastating if we lose it, but one of the highlights of my life if we win.

This is why to me this is the most important sports match in our country history's.

Roll on November 14th.


DB said...

I love the passion man!! You're so right that this one match is so important. The opportunities a win would bring for football in this last outpost of the world game would, I think, be sensational. A loss, however, wouldn't kill the game. You just need to look at the fact the rugby world cup here in 2011 is budgeting on a massive loss to see that game is far less relevant to kiwis than it ever was. That speaks louder than the inbred media ever will.

Pstyle said...

I'm not sure about calling it "the most important ever" but I do think this W/C campaign is a BIG DEAL. And it deserves more medai attention. It's up to us 'new media' types to keep the momentum going.

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