Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moles has to go

This is the current coach of The New Zealand Cricket team.

He doesn't look very inspiring does he, unless you want to win Hot dog eating contest.

It's a disgrace this guy even got the job, now there is a players revolt, they want him sacked
but New Zealand cricket is standing by him.

IMHO, that is a mistake, do you really think this is the type of guy, who will be giving our
team top advice on how to get fit for the current season. His results are appalling, hes a terrible
speaker and motivator, and I'm guessing he is just there to collect a pay cheque.

I know if ytour a top cricket coach, New Zealand is probably not the number one choice, but come on you can do better than this guy, what will it take for him to be fired?

I'm guessing we will see this season, there are a going to be a lot of red face officials at the New
Zealand cricket council for keeping this guy on.

Also a lot of sad fans. :-(

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