Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MMP to Go, We Live in Hope

There will be a referendum on the MMP voting system at the 2011 General Election.

The voting public of New Zealand will get to decide, if MMP is a good thing or a bad thing, and what system of voting they would prefer.

IMHO, MMP is the worst possible system that a country can use. Sure it's supporters may say the little guy can get their say, but what would the little guy know about Politics??? Seriously, I have a huge problem with a system that allows a political party that gets only 5% of the vote to hold the other 95% to ransom, a system like that, allows the likes of Rodney Hyde or Keith Locke to flourish, while those that are more centred are left out in the cold.

If I had my choice, which I will in 2011, I will vote for a American style presidential election, I love the fact that you can vote for a President to lead you, instead of relying on what party gets the most seats.

A election campaign like that must be good for the country and it's people.

Roll on 2011, when we take the first step in deciding how we elect our officials.

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