Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minto Wrong Again

Minto once again showed his bias, in yet another dig at Israel and America.

He commented that the media was over the top in its coverage of the teenage boys
who performed like idiots at a Museum in Auckland.
Kinda expected this double standard from you John.
Here you are, supposedly a supporter of rights for all, yet early this year, you protested a teen age tennis player because of where this was from.
You also said to me in an email and I quote " I couldn't less about about two Israeli woman who cant get a cup of Coffee" in regards to Apartheid happening in Invercargill.
Your not about free rights and Justice for all, your about your Political ideology.
I'm guessing if some kids disrespected a Muslim shrine, you would be out of your collective tree.

You just couldn't help yourself could you, you had to have a dig at America and Israel in your blog.

Open the other eye, buddy.

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