Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm not a Journalist, its just My Opinion

I'm not a Journalist, its just my opinion.

This applies to myself and it also applies to the bloggers on

I have been reminded of this fact a couple of times now.

So like all bloggers who have opinions I welcome comments and other opinions.

As Im sure the bloggers from also do.

Take Simon Sweetman for example, he has a opinion, he
says he is not a Journalist, and his blog posts often have
hundreds of comments, pro and negative.

I only wish some of his supporters would realize just because
hes a blogger and not a Journo doesn't mean people can't add
a comment that may question what he says.

Although I seem to be the only person who has been called
out on leaving a negative opinion, perhaps I'm a easy target?

Oh and Garth Brooks doesn't suck.

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