Monday, October 5, 2009

Honest Mistake or Corruption

Honest mistake or Corruption?

Green MPs Jeanette Fitzsimons and Catherine Delahunty paid $1000 a week rent for a Wellington property owned by it superfund, that amount is double the market rate.

The Greens then repaid (in Secret) $6000 to the Parliamentary Service.

During the Bill English fiasco, the Greens were most vocal in the matter of the money, and abused other parties for keeping details secret.

There is an old Shakespearean quote that goes a little something like this "Me thinks ye protests too much"

Well that sums up The Green Party perfectly, they may be corrupt, it may of been an honest mistake (there is a Tui Billboard in there somewhere) one thing that can't be argued though is they must be the most hypocritical party in our country at the moment.

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