Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey Telfer, What will the ratings be like?

Hello Brendan, the sporting Focus of Japan will be on one sport,
their national past time. The sport that gets more coverage than
any other, the whole nation will be glued.

I am of course talking about Baseball and the world series.

The Yankees should take this out in six.

Also why is the NZRFU trying to take Rugby to Japan, where
Baseball is king, followed by Football and Basketball.

Isn't this somewhat like trying to get Rugby popular in the
league stronghold of Sydney and Brisbane, it just anit going to happen.

Also on November 14th the All Whites should garner higher
ratings in New Zealand than any other sport, and there wont
be extensive coverage this weekend in Australia on the Rugby.

So my question to you is....

Why do you feel the need to tell the NZ public that Rugby is
getting huge coverage and is popular in NZ?

We know this, we spend our lives having the media
tell us this, are you afraid we might forget?????

Open the other eye Telfer.

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