Friday, October 23, 2009

Hey Telfer, we have a Gym too

Surly, the sport of Netball is the most insignificant sport on the Planet. I cannot believe how small this sport is. Today Jamaica beat New Zealand for only the second time in its history, one of the reasons why was because according to the Captain of the Jamaican netball team and I quote, "We have our own Gym"

Yep the fourth ranked team in the world, now has a Gym. How small is this sport? and why does our media try to blow it up?

Brendan Telfer who has ripped into League for only being played in a few countries, gives Netball a free ride, anyone who dares criticizes the sport gets called sexist. I think this is unfair.

Lets take another female sport, one that gets no coverage here, its played worldwide, has a viewing audience of millions and the top stars earn millions of dollars and they play to sell out arenas, the players are brilliant athletics, but hey this sport is a threat to our media, so we better not report on it.

So who is more sexist? male sports fans who don't follow a sport that is only played by a few countries or the media who doesn't report on one of the biggest female sports on the planet.

That sport is of course Basketball.

Played by Millions of females around the world.

Not just three countries.

And yes, Basketballers have their own Gym also.

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