Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Fairfax, there's a Football match coming up?

Stuff.co.nz is New Zealand's biggest news website, it is owned
by one of the biggest companies in this part of the world and they
have to be the worst example of what a media outlet should be.

In three weeks time The New Zealand Football team, will be playing
Bahrain for a spot at the FIFA World Cup in 2010, and the lack of
coverage has not only been so dismal, but Fairfax is doing their
best to remind the public what sport we really like.

You see for the past couple of weeks, ever since
The All Whites game got sold out, the leading sport stories on
stuff.co.nz have been....

Dan Carter Loves to Dress up as Superman
Johan Lomu is a Great Daddy
The All Blacks in 2050 will be Robots
NPC Players are having a Beard growing Competition
Can The All Blacks compete with Halloween?
What should the Rugby Party Headquaters look like?

Baiscally they are making up any crap about Rugby for a
sake of a story, well Fairfax Im afraid the only sport story
worth reporting on in the next few weeks is Football (and this is coming
from a Basketball fan)

Im guessing though, fairfax Journos will be working with
the NZRFU, the week before the Football match to try
and take away attention from the All Whites.
Some of the BS examples they have used in the past
and will probably use this time are...

Lomu is underappreciated and doesnt get the attention he deserves
Dan Carter is the sexy pinup boy of world sport.
The All Blacks have taken Asia by storm.
Can Rugby overtake Football?
Or some story about some rural Rugby player who has made the All Blacks.

I have one plea to the New Zealand media, please give Football
the credit it deserves in the week leading up to the
match, please put all your focus and effort into this
match, just for one week in your 150 year history, please do this.

I ani't holding my breath.

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