Monday, October 26, 2009

Gordn Ramsay is a Cartoon

Gordon Ramsay is a cartoon.

Gordon Ramsay has given the go ahead for a Cartoon of himself which he will voice.

I'm in two minds about this, I love Hell's Kitchen and to a lesser extent Kitchen Nightmares, I don't watch the other dozen shows he has, because quite frankly I think it's overkill.

Now I can totally understand, him earning Millions for himself and his family (his remuneration for his TV work is paid into his Family Private accounts and has nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay Holdings) but when you have several Restaurants closing, your focus should be elsewhere.

Sure most the shows he does are just filmed over two to three weeks and he claims to spend nine months a year overseeing his Restaurants, but in a economic recession you would think he would of said no to voicing a cartoon of himself and spend more time running his Business.

Dont get me wrong I love the guy to death, I would just to see him move away from TV work and back into the business that he has given so much too.

Man, for some reason, I feel like having a Beef Wellington now.

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