Friday, October 16, 2009

Garth Brooks to do One Man Show

Garth Brook's fans have been hoping for nearly 20 years for him to do a one man show in a intimate setting and now their hopes have come truth.

Garth has announced, that he will play at a one man show over several weekends thruout the year, for the next FIVE YEARS!!!

He will not perform anywhere else, there will not be any new music for five years or any Boxsets or DVD's the only place you you can see him is at the Wynn and that has got Garth fans excited.

The deal see's Garth signed on to do a show on Fridays, two on Saturdays and one on Sunday, on various weekends thru out the year, starting with December of this year, then Janurary and Feb of 2010 with ther other dates to be announced during the year closer to the dates of the shows.

To stop Scalpers, buyers must have ID when purchasing the tickets and when going to the show.

Ticket prices will be $125 at the small venue that only takes 1500 people.

It's not going to be a typical Garth show, its just going to be him on stage, telling stories, singing and doing what he does best, it will be magical.

As a fan I have always dreamt of seeing him in a setting like this, and a trip to Vegas is in order.

Hats off to Garth for this deal with the Wynn, what I like about him is he puts his family first, he contacted his Kids High School to see what dates during the year the School has functions or events on so he knows what dates he wont perform, not meaning artists would be that thoughtful to their families.

His fans all over the world have now got something to look forward too.

Well done to Garth.

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