Sunday, October 11, 2009

First leg: Bahrain 0 New Zealand 0

Well New Zealand is still in it.

We didn't get a crucial away goal, but we didn't lose.

A hard fought draw, Bahrian played better, but now they have to come to our house.

36 thousand screaming westerners, on what could be a Windy, Rainy, Cold day.

They say Bahrain players don't travel well, lets hope this is the case,
because we are just 90 minutes and a goal away from making the world cup.

On November 14th our Nation will stop and hope, players dreams
will either be shattered or fulfilled. Not making it will hurt
more than previous attempts, it will destroy New Zealand Football.

Achieving a place at the world cup would change history.

To the good people of Bahrain, all the best to your team,
but I'm guessing the result will be a 1-0 victory to the home side
and four million Kiwi's will be singing again.

I'm counting down the days.

Come on New Zealand!!

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Pstyle said...

36 thousand westerners? What about all the NZ fans who are not westerners?