Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FIFA Changes the Rules

FIFA has changed the away goal rule at the worst possible time for New Zealand.

In the past away goals have only counted in normal time, not
extra time, but now for the first time away goals will count
in extra time, what would possessed FIFA to make this
critical change, three weeks before the New Zealand versus
Bahrain match???

Perhaps some in FIFA are trying their best to please the
Bahrain royal family??? If you were a cynical person you
would be watching FIFA officials very closely to see if
they have any new gold watches on their wrist.

Perhaps its unfair to go that far, but it seems crazy to make such
a dramatic rule change to the most important football in the two
nations history.

All I can say is that I will be watching the performance of the
Ref more closely now.


Anonymous said...

The 2010 rules and the 2006 rules are identical. I don't know why you think they have changed?

Brett Dale said...

According to what I have read on various forums around the internet, the rules have changed.

Martino said...

The rules haven't changed. Checking facts before posting will help lessen the over reactions that have followed.

Anonymous said...

all things being fair (and no the rules have not changed), why arent you jumping up and down about that there may be an issue with Bahrain playing an extra 30 minutes away, in front of a hostile crowd ?????

thats a possible extra one eighth of a match !!!

Thats means that New Zealand could have the home advantage for four sevenths of the tie.

Why arent you complaining about that ?

Brett Dale said...

because Bahrian gets more of a unfair advantage with the away goal rule.