Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't Mention the C (Country) Word

The New Zealand music awards were on last night, a two and a half hour show, the usual genres of music received awards, plus their were awards in Roots/Classical/Dance/Electronica music.

Once again though, one genre was totally ignored, that was Country, it's New Zealand's music redheaded child.

Why are we this immature as a Nation, that the people running these awards feel it would be embarrassing to have country music on the show???

The people who run this industry in New Zealand, from the label bosses to radio to retail to the media, are like a bunch of little kids, who would snigger, if you would say you liked Keith Urban or Kelly Wells.

There would be a roll of the eyes, and a sneer if you dare mention that Country is a legitimate form of music.

This wouldn't happen in any other country though, but here in Kiwiland, those in the industry have to prove how cool they are I guess.

Country music may get one or two mentions a year by our media, but its always for camp value, either talk about Dolly Parton or The Topp Twins.

We have legimate artists trying to make it, but they never get the chance thanks to the schoolboy mentality of those in our industry.

No wonder the most successful born kiwi music artist ever Keith Urban, considers himself an Australian, because if he grew up here playing country music, he wouldn't got the chance, like he did in Australia to go to the states and sell 15 million albums.

Fingers crossed that our music industry will one day grow up and give the apperication to a music genre that is respected worldwide.

If not, well third verse to ya all involved in the NZ music industry.

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