Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deb Webber is the Worst Person in the World

How sick can one person be? I don't like to use the word Evil, but in the case of Deb Webber I will make a exceptation.

Deb Webber is a con artist (A.K.A a Psychic)

About a week ago in New Zealand, a two year old Child went missing in New Zealand. This Television Psychic said in a interview that she knew what had happened, and wanted to help the family.

Someone from TVNZ decided to introduce to her to the family, who weren't interested in the Psychic's help.

How sick in the head do you have to be to do this? To exploit a grieving family for your own benefit is beyond belief, how can she live with herself? What she did has made my skin crawl, and the country should be sick to their stomachs that someone can be so cruel.

As for TVNZ who contacted the family to arrange a meeting, that is probably the worst thing this network has done, since giving her, her own show in the first place, despite an Australian TV crew showing her up as a fraud, by getting her to contact people who don't exist.

TVNZ needs to drop her show, and woman's day magazine needs to drop her as a writer. I hope the New Zealand public boycotts advertisers of her show.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Aisling's Symes who's body was found last night.

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Maria said...

I have to read a lot of negative details in regard to Deb Webber. The truth be told I asked Deb Webber to assist the family after they had agreed to have her help in the search. This involved a reading being done in our home where more details were disclosed than a mere comment of she is in a hole or ditch. This was filmed by both media and privately. I spoke with family before...during..and after this.
Deb Webber was not jumping in for publicity. She was asked to assist ,and we all thank her for her kindness.
Thank you once again.