Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dave Levey Wins Hells Kitchen

Dave Levey has won the sixth season of Hell's Kitchen.

He is the most deserved winner ever IMHO.

The one arm bandit, cooked way better with one arm in plaster
than all the other Chefs put together.

His dedication to his profession was beyond belief he put is heart and soul into his work and was a genuine nice guy.

Chef Gordon Ramsay said this was the hardest decision he had to make in the history of Hell's Kitchen. I have to disagree, I thought it was a foregone conclusion, Dave was just too good for everybody.

You have to feel sorry for Kevin, who was second best by a long way.

Highlights of the season for me had to be, The Return of Robert, The niceness of JP, The fighting spirit of Tennille, and the good old boy Van.

All in all it was a great series.

Roll on Season Seven.

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