Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carrie Underwood Chooses Garth Brooks

In an interview with CMT, Carrie Underwood was asked
who she would choose to sing a duet with.

Her choice was Garth Brooks.

Garth is now at the stage where he is influencing other
artists, and that is a sign that you have made a real impact
on the industry, if your style is affecting the next generation
of artists, both Taylor Swift and Carrie have credited Garth with
affecting their careers.

Take a look at Kenny Chesney's live show, it has Garth written all over it.

But its not just the big sellers that Garth has had an affect
on listen to the Ryan Adams and Chris Cagles of the world,
they both have a early Garth style.

Success should never be measured by how many albums
you sell, but if you can change a whole music genre and have
such a profound effect on upcoming artists then you can say
you have had a successful career.

Garth has had both.

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