Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Amazing Race has a Shocking Start

In the previous 14 seasons of the Amazing Race, we had to wait till the end of the first episode to see a couple get eliminated, that has all changed now with the start of Season 15.

As the couples lined up they were told by Phil, that one of them would be eliminated at the very start of the race, their were 11 Tokyo number plates among hundreds of number plates on wall, but there are 12 teams, so one team will miss out before the race even started.

That team was the Yoga couple, and although it would seem they would be a team to hate judging by the interviews before the show started, this was a shock and you had to feel gutted for them.

Being told that you have been selected to appear on the Amazing Race must be a buzz, lining up at the start, seeing Phil for the first time, only to be told to look at a wall, and find a number plate, and if the last couple you wont be in the race.

Still, it makes for great TV, and is very tense to watch.

Another season of the amazing race has started, without a doubt the best reality show on TV, roll on next week.

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