Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Picture above is of the 1982 New Zealand Football team. The team known as "The All Whites" because of the colour of their uniform, are the only New Zealand Team to make the world cup.

This could change in a few days time, for the first time in 28 years, The All Whites have a real chance of making it, they a have a playoff against Bahrain, the first match is this Sunday in Bahrain and the return leg is in New Zealand in a months time.

I hope people understand the ramifications of these playoff matches, if we don't succeed then we may not try again, rumors on the Internet are FIFA will want Oceania teams to play in Asia, and we won't be able to afford that, thus International football could be dead in New Zealand for good, and that would be heart breaking.

If we win though, all that changes, it will be worth Tens of Millions to New Zealand Football, and the sport of Football will explode, so this is not just another world cup attempt.

I feel if we win, I will feel like I did as a kid in 1982, and that is a great feeling for anyone.

Come on the All Whites!!!

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