Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm not a Journalist, its just My Opinion

I'm not a Journalist, its just my opinion.

This applies to myself and it also applies to the bloggers on

I have been reminded of this fact a couple of times now.

So like all bloggers who have opinions I welcome comments and other opinions.

As Im sure the bloggers from also do.

Take Simon Sweetman for example, he has a opinion, he
says he is not a Journalist, and his blog posts often have
hundreds of comments, pro and negative.

I only wish some of his supporters would realize just because
hes a blogger and not a Journo doesn't mean people can't add
a comment that may question what he says.

Although I seem to be the only person who has been called
out on leaving a negative opinion, perhaps I'm a easy target?

Oh and Garth Brooks doesn't suck.

Carrie Underwood Chooses Garth Brooks

In an interview with CMT, Carrie Underwood was asked
who she would choose to sing a duet with.

Her choice was Garth Brooks.

Garth is now at the stage where he is influencing other
artists, and that is a sign that you have made a real impact
on the industry, if your style is affecting the next generation
of artists, both Taylor Swift and Carrie have credited Garth with
affecting their careers.

Take a look at Kenny Chesney's live show, it has Garth written all over it.

But its not just the big sellers that Garth has had an affect
on listen to the Ryan Adams and Chris Cagles of the world,
they both have a early Garth style.

Success should never be measured by how many albums
you sell, but if you can change a whole music genre and have
such a profound effect on upcoming artists then you can say
you have had a successful career.

Garth has had both.

Hey Telfer, What will the ratings be like?

Hello Brendan, the sporting Focus of Japan will be on one sport,
their national past time. The sport that gets more coverage than
any other, the whole nation will be glued.

I am of course talking about Baseball and the world series.

The Yankees should take this out in six.

Also why is the NZRFU trying to take Rugby to Japan, where
Baseball is king, followed by Football and Basketball.

Isn't this somewhat like trying to get Rugby popular in the
league stronghold of Sydney and Brisbane, it just anit going to happen.

Also on November 14th the All Whites should garner higher
ratings in New Zealand than any other sport, and there wont
be extensive coverage this weekend in Australia on the Rugby.

So my question to you is....

Why do you feel the need to tell the NZ public that Rugby is
getting huge coverage and is popular in NZ?

We know this, we spend our lives having the media
tell us this, are you afraid we might forget?????

Open the other eye Telfer.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FIFA Changes the Rules

FIFA has changed the away goal rule at the worst possible time for New Zealand.

In the past away goals have only counted in normal time, not
extra time, but now for the first time away goals will count
in extra time, what would possessed FIFA to make this
critical change, three weeks before the New Zealand versus
Bahrain match???

Perhaps some in FIFA are trying their best to please the
Bahrain royal family??? If you were a cynical person you
would be watching FIFA officials very closely to see if
they have any new gold watches on their wrist.

Perhaps its unfair to go that far, but it seems crazy to make such
a dramatic rule change to the most important football in the two
nations history.

All I can say is that I will be watching the performance of the
Ref more closely now.

Have I been Banned from Country Weekly???

For the first time in my 15 year History of the Internet, I may of
been banned from a forum? I'm not sure, because the forum has a
history of logging in errors, but this ban message came the day
after I used a rude word, well not really a rude word but a letter,
the letter was F. (won't somebody think of the children)

Anyway countryweekly forums is a country music forum site, that
have various off topic threads and I let me feelings known about FIFA
changing the away goal rule in extra time, unfortunately you cannot say
"F Fifa" without being banned.

I find it strange since, certain political leaders get it
much worse over there, but anyway its a first on the internet
for me, to be banned from a forum, I only wished I had done
more to deserve it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Fairfax, there's a Football match coming up? is New Zealand's biggest news website, it is owned
by one of the biggest companies in this part of the world and they
have to be the worst example of what a media outlet should be.

In three weeks time The New Zealand Football team, will be playing
Bahrain for a spot at the FIFA World Cup in 2010, and the lack of
coverage has not only been so dismal, but Fairfax is doing their
best to remind the public what sport we really like.

You see for the past couple of weeks, ever since
The All Whites game got sold out, the leading sport stories on have been....

Dan Carter Loves to Dress up as Superman
Johan Lomu is a Great Daddy
The All Blacks in 2050 will be Robots
NPC Players are having a Beard growing Competition
Can The All Blacks compete with Halloween?
What should the Rugby Party Headquaters look like?

Baiscally they are making up any crap about Rugby for a
sake of a story, well Fairfax Im afraid the only sport story
worth reporting on in the next few weeks is Football (and this is coming
from a Basketball fan)

Im guessing though, fairfax Journos will be working with
the NZRFU, the week before the Football match to try
and take away attention from the All Whites.
Some of the BS examples they have used in the past
and will probably use this time are...

Lomu is underappreciated and doesnt get the attention he deserves
Dan Carter is the sexy pinup boy of world sport.
The All Blacks have taken Asia by storm.
Can Rugby overtake Football?
Or some story about some rural Rugby player who has made the All Blacks.

I have one plea to the New Zealand media, please give Football
the credit it deserves in the week leading up to the
match, please put all your focus and effort into this
match, just for one week in your 150 year history, please do this.

I ani't holding my breath.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gordn Ramsay is a Cartoon

Gordon Ramsay is a cartoon.

Gordon Ramsay has given the go ahead for a Cartoon of himself which he will voice.

I'm in two minds about this, I love Hell's Kitchen and to a lesser extent Kitchen Nightmares, I don't watch the other dozen shows he has, because quite frankly I think it's overkill.

Now I can totally understand, him earning Millions for himself and his family (his remuneration for his TV work is paid into his Family Private accounts and has nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay Holdings) but when you have several Restaurants closing, your focus should be elsewhere.

Sure most the shows he does are just filmed over two to three weeks and he claims to spend nine months a year overseeing his Restaurants, but in a economic recession you would think he would of said no to voicing a cartoon of himself and spend more time running his Business.

Dont get me wrong I love the guy to death, I would just to see him move away from TV work and back into the business that he has given so much too.

Man, for some reason, I feel like having a Beef Wellington now.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Countdown to New Zealand Versus Bahrain

In three weeks time, we will know if New Zealand has made the world cup for the first time since 1982.

Bahrian stands in our way, they have the money, they have the skills, they have the royal family, do they have bigger hearts than New Zealand?

This game is going to come down to execution, Which team wont panic? Which team will put in an out of this world effort to make the cup?

For both New Zealand and Bahrian making this World Cup is everything.

Failure in three weeks time will be a devastating blow to New Zealand, one that I don't think we could recover from.

Victory means everything, it will change everything with the New Zealand sporting landscape, the country will be on a high like it has never been before.

It's going to be a long three weeks, with many sleepness nights, the emotional release that comes with the result will be sheer jublication or utter sadness.

Time will tell.

RIAA Top Selling Male Artists of all time

1. Garth Brooks Country
2. Elvis Presley Rock
3. Billy Joel Pop
4. Elton John Pop, Rock
5. George Strait Country
6. Bruce Springsteen Rock
7. Michael Jackson Pop, R&B
8. Kenny Rogers Country
9. Neil Diamond Pop, Rock
10. Alan Jackson Country
11. Eric Clapton Rock, Blues
12. Prince Pop, Funk, R&B
13. Tupac Shakur Hip Hop
Rank Singer Primary Genre(s)
14. Rod Stewart Rock, Pop
15. Bob Dylan Rock, Folk
16. Tim McGraw Country
17. Willie Nelson Country
18. Phil Collins Rock, Pop
19. R. Kelly R&B, Hip Hop
20. James Taylor Pop, Folk
21. John Denver Folk, Country, Pop
22. Tom Petty Rock
23. Ozzy Osbourne Rock
24. Michael Bolton Pop
25. John Mellencamp Rock

The RIAA has released thier list of the top selling Male Artists of all time.

The list is topped by Garth Brooks who has sold more albums than any other Male Artist in the USA.

The list is also dominated by Country Music Artists.

Country Music dominates music in the USA, the New Zealand media may see it as a small genre, but over there nothing comes close.

We are missing out on a whole form of music, because our media is too stupid to do any research or for some bizarre reason feel embarrassed if they even mention they like country artist.

All I can say is thanks for the Internet, where we don't have to rely on our insular media telling us what is good and what is not.


Meet the Face of Corruption

Let another scandal for the Labour Party, this time involving former Cabinet Minister Rick Barker.

He used Parliamentary offices to conduct polls, but instructed staff to use false names and LIE about who they are, getting them to say they were calling a company that no longer exists.

When first asked about this Barker denied everything, telling reports he had no idea what they were talking about, but later called the NZ herald, to say he did it.

The excuse he gave was just pathetic, telling the media his reasons was he wanted his workers to feel comfortable about cold calling.

I sincerely hope the Police are looking into this.

As usual the bloggers from The Standard are dead silent with yet another Labour Party scandal.

I guess Labour supporters like to stick their head in the sand and pretend everything is allright.

The leader of the Laboutr party is not taking calls.

One can only hope this will be the final nail in the coffin for corruption in The Labour party, I also hope in 2011 voters will show all Politicans that we ani't going to take it anymore.

No wonder National is riding high in the Polls.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hey Telfer, we have a Gym too

Surly, the sport of Netball is the most insignificant sport on the Planet. I cannot believe how small this sport is. Today Jamaica beat New Zealand for only the second time in its history, one of the reasons why was because according to the Captain of the Jamaican netball team and I quote, "We have our own Gym"

Yep the fourth ranked team in the world, now has a Gym. How small is this sport? and why does our media try to blow it up?

Brendan Telfer who has ripped into League for only being played in a few countries, gives Netball a free ride, anyone who dares criticizes the sport gets called sexist. I think this is unfair.

Lets take another female sport, one that gets no coverage here, its played worldwide, has a viewing audience of millions and the top stars earn millions of dollars and they play to sell out arenas, the players are brilliant athletics, but hey this sport is a threat to our media, so we better not report on it.

So who is more sexist? male sports fans who don't follow a sport that is only played by a few countries or the media who doesn't report on one of the biggest female sports on the planet.

That sport is of course Basketball.

Played by Millions of females around the world.

Not just three countries.

And yes, Basketballers have their own Gym also.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If Tomorrow Never Comes

The Original version written and sung by Garth Brooks. The difference between Garth's version and Ronan Keating Version is night and day, hopefully one day New Zealand Radio will wake up to what a brilliant singer/songwriter Garth is, and start playing his version of this beautiful song.

Moles has to go

This is the current coach of The New Zealand Cricket team.

He doesn't look very inspiring does he, unless you want to win Hot dog eating contest.

It's a disgrace this guy even got the job, now there is a players revolt, they want him sacked
but New Zealand cricket is standing by him.

IMHO, that is a mistake, do you really think this is the type of guy, who will be giving our
team top advice on how to get fit for the current season. His results are appalling, hes a terrible
speaker and motivator, and I'm guessing he is just there to collect a pay cheque.

I know if ytour a top cricket coach, New Zealand is probably not the number one choice, but come on you can do better than this guy, what will it take for him to be fired?

I'm guessing we will see this season, there are a going to be a lot of red face officials at the New
Zealand cricket council for keeping this guy on.

Also a lot of sad fans. :-(

Minto Wrong Again

Minto once again showed his bias, in yet another dig at Israel and America.

He commented that the media was over the top in its coverage of the teenage boys
who performed like idiots at a Museum in Auckland.
Kinda expected this double standard from you John.
Here you are, supposedly a supporter of rights for all, yet early this year, you protested a teen age tennis player because of where this was from.
You also said to me in an email and I quote " I couldn't less about about two Israeli woman who cant get a cup of Coffee" in regards to Apartheid happening in Invercargill.
Your not about free rights and Justice for all, your about your Political ideology.
I'm guessing if some kids disrespected a Muslim shrine, you would be out of your collective tree.

You just couldn't help yourself could you, you had to have a dig at America and Israel in your blog.

Open the other eye, buddy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas

Sorry Boy Racers, you may of had it easy under a Labour Government for nine years, but National is in power now.

This is a great day for New Zealand. Instead of taking the softy softy approach as in the past, the current New Zealand Government has gotten tough on Boy Racers.

If youcommit three serious crimes involving your motor vehicle in four years, your car will be crushed. If you don't pay your fines, your car will be confiscated.

For someone who has been a victim of the loutish behavior of Boy Racers, this is great news.

It's about time these jackasses have to learn there is a price to pay for anti social behavior.

As expected, one Politician was against this bill, the terrible Keith Locke, it's a sad day for the Greens that he still speaks for that party, and his comments today shows how out of touch with reality he is, and how he doesn't care about the people he represents, but only cares about his own ideology, which is a shame, because most boy racers, (who he supports) do terrible damage to the environment.

Anyway a great day for New Zealand, a bad day for mindless thugs!!!

Hats off to the Government!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MMP to Go, We Live in Hope

There will be a referendum on the MMP voting system at the 2011 General Election.

The voting public of New Zealand will get to decide, if MMP is a good thing or a bad thing, and what system of voting they would prefer.

IMHO, MMP is the worst possible system that a country can use. Sure it's supporters may say the little guy can get their say, but what would the little guy know about Politics??? Seriously, I have a huge problem with a system that allows a political party that gets only 5% of the vote to hold the other 95% to ransom, a system like that, allows the likes of Rodney Hyde or Keith Locke to flourish, while those that are more centred are left out in the cold.

If I had my choice, which I will in 2011, I will vote for a American style presidential election, I love the fact that you can vote for a President to lead you, instead of relying on what party gets the most seats.

A election campaign like that must be good for the country and it's people.

Roll on 2011, when we take the first step in deciding how we elect our officials.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Most Important Sports Match In New Zealand's History

Make no mistake, The All Whites match versus Bahrain is not only the most important FOOTBALL match in our history, but the most important SPORT match in the history of our country.

We need this to make 2010 a complete sporting year. Winter Olympics/Commonwealth Games/World Basketball Champs/ Tua title shot, but the world cup is the big one.

In times of a recession, we need this pure emotional outburst a win will bring.

We all need to feel like a kid again, and in this point of History, the All Whites are the team to do it.

In terms of Football, make no mistake about it, if we don't go through, that's it for International football for New Zealand , it's no secret that Oceania is Dead, and if we wanted to continue in International Football we would have to be a part of Asia, and we just wont have the money or resources in this country for that to happen.

So there is more at stake than just another World Cup Campaign.

Secondly, the media in this country who aren't kind to any sport that isn't Rugby, Cricket or Netball, would have a field day, they would say Bahrain was a weak opponent, and would use the result to justify not giving coverage to Football.

Sparc will say, "We only give money to winners and not losers."

Football at all levels will die, but it's not just Football that will die and be hurt, it will be every sport that finds itself getting raped by our media.

Believe me, all Sports that are deemed to be a threat to Rugby Union will lose out.

This is why we can't afford to lose.

On the other side of the coin, when we beat Bahrain, the Public will go nuts, it will be something that our country has never seen before, you thought 1982 was an awesome public reaction, just wait till November 14th.

Remember back in 1982, there was no internet, no multi TV Channels, No Cell Phones, No Radio Sport, only a few papers, now thanks to all the wonderful advancements in communications, the feeling of joy will be tenfold.

Every kid will be out with a soccerball at the local park, they will be turning on Sky TV and tuning into the Premiership, can you imagine all the requests that Santa is going to get?

Every Blogger, will be blogging themselves out of their collective trees.

Every Officer worker/Cleaner/Teacher/Builder will have one thing on their mind, Football.

Media and advertisers wont be able to ignore it, it will just be too massive, there is no way fairfax/TVNZ will get away with their usual trash.

Advertisers will see it, the money boys will see it, and they will think "Hey perhaps we should invest in these soccer guys?"

Then there will be a flow on effort and other sports will get their turn.

Advertisers will start looking at sports like Basketball, Track and Field and Volleyball.

This is why this match is the most important sports match in our history, not just for football, but for other sports that are global outside our shores but a minority sport in our country.

More importantly, how would you feel? I remember the most emotional I have ever gotten over a sporting event was the 1982 All Whites, (and Basketball is my number one sport) I was just a kid, but it was my whole life. I must of gotten Bobby Almonds autograph over six times at various different events.

Im pushing 40 now, and this match means so much to me, more than I thought it would, I feel if the All Whites win part of my childhood stay alive, I want this victory so bad for The All Whites, it is physically hurting, I have had stomachaches and headaches for the past week, It will be devastating if we lose it, but one of the highlights of my life if we win.

This is why to me this is the most important sports match in our country history's.

Roll on November 14th.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Garth Brooks to do One Man Show

Garth Brook's fans have been hoping for nearly 20 years for him to do a one man show in a intimate setting and now their hopes have come truth.

Garth has announced, that he will play at a one man show over several weekends thruout the year, for the next FIVE YEARS!!!

He will not perform anywhere else, there will not be any new music for five years or any Boxsets or DVD's the only place you you can see him is at the Wynn and that has got Garth fans excited.

The deal see's Garth signed on to do a show on Fridays, two on Saturdays and one on Sunday, on various weekends thru out the year, starting with December of this year, then Janurary and Feb of 2010 with ther other dates to be announced during the year closer to the dates of the shows.

To stop Scalpers, buyers must have ID when purchasing the tickets and when going to the show.

Ticket prices will be $125 at the small venue that only takes 1500 people.

It's not going to be a typical Garth show, its just going to be him on stage, telling stories, singing and doing what he does best, it will be magical.

As a fan I have always dreamt of seeing him in a setting like this, and a trip to Vegas is in order.

Hats off to Garth for this deal with the Wynn, what I like about him is he puts his family first, he contacted his Kids High School to see what dates during the year the School has functions or events on so he knows what dates he wont perform, not meaning artists would be that thoughtful to their families.

His fans all over the world have now got something to look forward too.

Well done to Garth.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dave Levey Wins Hells Kitchen

Dave Levey has won the sixth season of Hell's Kitchen.

He is the most deserved winner ever IMHO.

The one arm bandit, cooked way better with one arm in plaster
than all the other Chefs put together.

His dedication to his profession was beyond belief he put is heart and soul into his work and was a genuine nice guy.

Chef Gordon Ramsay said this was the hardest decision he had to make in the history of Hell's Kitchen. I have to disagree, I thought it was a foregone conclusion, Dave was just too good for everybody.

You have to feel sorry for Kevin, who was second best by a long way.

Highlights of the season for me had to be, The Return of Robert, The niceness of JP, The fighting spirit of Tennille, and the good old boy Van.

All in all it was a great series.

Roll on Season Seven.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deb Webber is the Worst Person in the World

How sick can one person be? I don't like to use the word Evil, but in the case of Deb Webber I will make a exceptation.

Deb Webber is a con artist (A.K.A a Psychic)

About a week ago in New Zealand, a two year old Child went missing in New Zealand. This Television Psychic said in a interview that she knew what had happened, and wanted to help the family.

Someone from TVNZ decided to introduce to her to the family, who weren't interested in the Psychic's help.

How sick in the head do you have to be to do this? To exploit a grieving family for your own benefit is beyond belief, how can she live with herself? What she did has made my skin crawl, and the country should be sick to their stomachs that someone can be so cruel.

As for TVNZ who contacted the family to arrange a meeting, that is probably the worst thing this network has done, since giving her, her own show in the first place, despite an Australian TV crew showing her up as a fraud, by getting her to contact people who don't exist.

TVNZ needs to drop her show, and woman's day magazine needs to drop her as a writer. I hope the New Zealand public boycotts advertisers of her show.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Aisling's Symes who's body was found last night.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

First leg: Bahrain 0 New Zealand 0

Well New Zealand is still in it.

We didn't get a crucial away goal, but we didn't lose.

A hard fought draw, Bahrian played better, but now they have to come to our house.

36 thousand screaming westerners, on what could be a Windy, Rainy, Cold day.

They say Bahrain players don't travel well, lets hope this is the case,
because we are just 90 minutes and a goal away from making the world cup.

On November 14th our Nation will stop and hope, players dreams
will either be shattered or fulfilled. Not making it will hurt
more than previous attempts, it will destroy New Zealand Football.

Achieving a place at the world cup would change history.

To the good people of Bahrain, all the best to your team,
but I'm guessing the result will be a 1-0 victory to the home side
and four million Kiwi's will be singing again.

I'm counting down the days.

Come on New Zealand!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Something's happening here, what it is aint exactly clear.

Well you get the picture.

Two Press Conferences, Two Cites, One Secret Location.

All will be revealed on October 15th USA Time.

This is the most secretive the G Man has been.

Only one line on his webpage that says

Something exciting is coming

and a two line press release.

His fans are waiting with baited breath.

It's going to be a long week.

Don't Mention the C (Country) Word

The New Zealand music awards were on last night, a two and a half hour show, the usual genres of music received awards, plus their were awards in Roots/Classical/Dance/Electronica music.

Once again though, one genre was totally ignored, that was Country, it's New Zealand's music redheaded child.

Why are we this immature as a Nation, that the people running these awards feel it would be embarrassing to have country music on the show???

The people who run this industry in New Zealand, from the label bosses to radio to retail to the media, are like a bunch of little kids, who would snigger, if you would say you liked Keith Urban or Kelly Wells.

There would be a roll of the eyes, and a sneer if you dare mention that Country is a legitimate form of music.

This wouldn't happen in any other country though, but here in Kiwiland, those in the industry have to prove how cool they are I guess.

Country music may get one or two mentions a year by our media, but its always for camp value, either talk about Dolly Parton or The Topp Twins.

We have legimate artists trying to make it, but they never get the chance thanks to the schoolboy mentality of those in our industry.

No wonder the most successful born kiwi music artist ever Keith Urban, considers himself an Australian, because if he grew up here playing country music, he wouldn't got the chance, like he did in Australia to go to the states and sell 15 million albums.

Fingers crossed that our music industry will one day grow up and give the apperication to a music genre that is respected worldwide.

If not, well third verse to ya all involved in the NZ music industry.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


The Picture above is of the 1982 New Zealand Football team. The team known as "The All Whites" because of the colour of their uniform, are the only New Zealand Team to make the world cup.

This could change in a few days time, for the first time in 28 years, The All Whites have a real chance of making it, they a have a playoff against Bahrain, the first match is this Sunday in Bahrain and the return leg is in New Zealand in a months time.

I hope people understand the ramifications of these playoff matches, if we don't succeed then we may not try again, rumors on the Internet are FIFA will want Oceania teams to play in Asia, and we won't be able to afford that, thus International football could be dead in New Zealand for good, and that would be heart breaking.

If we win though, all that changes, it will be worth Tens of Millions to New Zealand Football, and the sport of Football will explode, so this is not just another world cup attempt.

I feel if we win, I will feel like I did as a kid in 1982, and that is a great feeling for anyone.

Come on the All Whites!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's Gotta Hurt

This is why I don't Box and never will.

I will never take up boxing/Karate/Cage Fighting or anything that could cause me physical pain.

Shane Cameron was beaten by David Tua in a title fight over the weekend.

I guess the word beaten is not the right one to use in this context, he was slaughtered, he was massacred he got a lesson in pain, it was vicious, it was like watching the Tyson of old, watching Tua do this to Cameron.

Why do Boxers do it? Why would you choose a career where your safety is at great risk, and you will hurt after a days work.

Hats off to all Boxers, I couldn't do it.

That picture of Shane Cameron would put anyone off of Boxing for life, wouldn't it?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Six Years in the Slammer

Meet the face of Evil.

Taito Phillip Field has been sentence to six years in jail, IMHO it's six years to short.

He used his position of power, as a politician in New Zealand's leading left wing party, The Labour Party, to take advantage of hard working wanna be immigrants. Not only did this piece of work, had the audacity to say he was doing the right thing, he also tried to pervert the course of justice and has shown no remorse whatsoever for his crimes.

It's also sickening that his supporters and he himself are racist and trying to blame the Asian immigrants for his troubles.

This is a big wakeup call to Political parties in New Zealand, if your going to select someone to run for you please think twice about who you pick, and vet these guys.

Ona more positive note, the poor and the hardworking are a lot better off with Taito locked away, long may it stay that way.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Honest Mistake or Corruption

Honest mistake or Corruption?

Green MPs Jeanette Fitzsimons and Catherine Delahunty paid $1000 a week rent for a Wellington property owned by it superfund, that amount is double the market rate.

The Greens then repaid (in Secret) $6000 to the Parliamentary Service.

During the Bill English fiasco, the Greens were most vocal in the matter of the money, and abused other parties for keeping details secret.

There is an old Shakespearean quote that goes a little something like this "Me thinks ye protests too much"

Well that sums up The Green Party perfectly, they may be corrupt, it may of been an honest mistake (there is a Tui Billboard in there somewhere) one thing that can't be argued though is they must be the most hypocritical party in our country at the moment.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Night Chicago Died

Nearly 50 thousand jobs lost since 2007 in the Construction and Hospitality field.

People unable to pay their mortgages.

Now a serious blow to recovery, Chicago has lost the Olympics to Rio. While the World media is celebrating, while Republicans may celebrate this as a defeat for President Obama, while Anti American people around the world may have a smile on their face, the good people on Chicago are worse off.

The Olympics would of bought, jobs for nearly a decade for tens of thousand of people, it would of bought tourists and publicity, it would of been a celebration, so feel happy for Rio, its going to be great for South America, but don't celebrate Chicago not getting the games because you have a chip on your shoulder about the USA, its a sad day for this great city.

Like they always do though, the good people of Chicago will pull through these economic times, and grow stronger and stronger, its in their nature they are fighters and hats off to them for it.

May Rio have a great Olympics also.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Amazing Race has a Shocking Start

In the previous 14 seasons of the Amazing Race, we had to wait till the end of the first episode to see a couple get eliminated, that has all changed now with the start of Season 15.

As the couples lined up they were told by Phil, that one of them would be eliminated at the very start of the race, their were 11 Tokyo number plates among hundreds of number plates on wall, but there are 12 teams, so one team will miss out before the race even started.

That team was the Yoga couple, and although it would seem they would be a team to hate judging by the interviews before the show started, this was a shock and you had to feel gutted for them.

Being told that you have been selected to appear on the Amazing Race must be a buzz, lining up at the start, seeing Phil for the first time, only to be told to look at a wall, and find a number plate, and if the last couple you wont be in the race.

Still, it makes for great TV, and is very tense to watch.

Another season of the amazing race has started, without a doubt the best reality show on TV, roll on next week.