Thursday, September 24, 2009

Van is Gone

Van is Gone from Hell's Kitchen, never to be seen again.

This Texan who cooked beautiful light food, had passion and he fought all the way to the end, had to be fired by Ramsay, for serving up undercooked Fish twice during Service, he will be missed.

Now we are down to five, two of my favorites are left, Dave and Tennille, and two of my favs have been booted off, Robert and Van.

Surly Dave has to win this thing, he is basically cooking with one arm, and has been so consistent and is putting so much effort, he is all heart and soul.

Tennille who got off to a rough start in this comp, is now storming home with her efforts, and Chef Ramsay seems to have taken a shine to her.

With the final show only weeks away, if I was a betting man, I would have money on a Dave and Tennille final, but who knows what Ramsay has in plan for the next few weeks?

I would like to know one thing though, why am I always hungry after watching this show??

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