Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time and Money

If you want to stop, what happened in Dunedin this weekend, its quite simple, you need to take away the two most precious things that people value, Time and Money.

These drunken louts, who for some reason get their kicks by throwing bricks at members of the public, then brag about it on their bebo and myspace pages, need to be told that they will be hold accountable.

First don't send them to Prison , if they were sent to prison several Politicians of extreme left wing parties would try and garner sympathy for their rioters. I also think you shouldn't put their actions on television or on the web, you don't bring attention to bad behavior.

It's Time and Money that you must take away from these people.

Pass a law that allows you to suspend their bank accounts, and the money transfer ed to pay for the damage they have caused, you can also take charge of their possessions, sell them off at a auction to refund the public and the city.

Also take away their time, every spare second they have, they should have to be cleaning up the streets under the watch of the police for a whole year, no social life, no spare time, no ifs or buts.

How grown men and woman can behavior like this is beyond me, to get their kicks by causing damage, show their must be some brain activity lacking.

I only hope the good people of Dunedin can get this annual drunken student event stopped, they deserve better.

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