Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor Swift Wins VMA

Congrats to Taylor Swift for winning a VMA award, I understand that she is the first country music artist to do so, and this is a big step for country music, a genre that is not normally associated with videos unless your name is Garth Brooks or The Dixie Chicks.

So it was a big night and a big achievement for young Ms Swift, one little sour note though, Kayne West felt the need to grab the microphone off of this teenager to tell the audience that he disagreed with Taylor winning and the award should of gone to Beyonce.

This rock audience crowd mostly booed him, knowing that it was a pretty pathetic thing to do at an awards shows, he got a few cheers, but they mainly came from parts of the crowd who would think, Paris Hilton has something special to give the world.

Our own New Zealand media once again deserves a black eye or their reporting of this story, they seem to have a problem with using the C word. Country is the word I'm talking about.

I know those at C4 and dont want to mention this, but guess what, Taylor Swift is a Country Artist and she is Proud of it. How about mentioning this fact, in your stories about her.

Well done to her and her Genre. Lets hope she contuines to make great records!!!

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Ranting_Navy Wife said...

I really liked what you wrote. So many people out there are talking about what Kanye did to her and not enough people are congratulating her for being one of the first country artists to receive one.