Friday, September 11, 2009

New Zealand will Play Bahrain

Not since 1982 has the New Zealand football team made the world cup, now they are in a do or die home and away leg against Bahrain to make the 2010 Football cup.

If New Zealand makes it, it will be pandemonium in the streets of New Zealand, Football fans don't have much to cheer about in this country, we only have one professional team in the Australian league, and a few players playing professionally in Europe, to make 2010 will change all that.

So what are odds? We are in with an outside chance, we shouldn't be thrashed by Bahrain, but in reality unless Ricki Herbert is holding something back, the odds may be virtually Zilch, Bahrain should be too strong all over the park, they are technically better and also very physical, and I think there maybe a few shocked kiwi supporters after the first leg, where we might concede three or four goals, but as stated before, it shouldn't be a thrashing.

It will be sad if this happens, and might be the death knell for New Zealand Football, but hey who knows, our Basketballers stunned Australia, along with our Ice Hockey players, but a victory over Bahrain will be ten times harder.

Fingers are crossed.

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