Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Freakin Rubbish

The big argument in New Zealand this week is, Is it art or Rubbish?

A Waikato man won a $15000 dollar art prize for dumping his rubbish in a pile on the floor.

The art critics loved it, and had their thesaurus's out when describing this lovely piece of art.

This piece is called Collateral, and is suppose to represented the damage humans are doing to the environment.

Are art critics out of their freakin minds? Are they that far out of touch with the rest of us?

I'm guessing these art critics are trying to feel important by giving an award to this pile of rubbish, and have the mindset of "The poor misguided public, they just don't understand the point this artist is making, but we do!"

Art can be beautiful or ugly, but IMHO it has to do something to the psyche, it has to take you to another place, it has to give you a feeling that, only that particular artist could of created it.

It shouldn't be someone dumping their rubbish on the floor.

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