Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Guy is Back

Family Guy is back for another season, and its probably the most anticipated show of the new season, although it may came across as crude and crass and it crosses the boundaries, it always makes it point well and is damn funny.

This season the episode I am most looking forward too, is the take off of, The Empire Strikes back, Called "Something, Something, Dark Side" Last season the episode where they took off the original Star wars, became so popular that a DVD was rushed out to the public and ended up having record sales.

While, shows like South Park have gone way down hill and has lost its edge, Family Guy gets stronger and stronger, and this year has created history by getting a Emmy nod, for best comedy.

So I have high hopes for this new season, I only hope they continue to base the show around Brian and Stewie, the show is at its strongest, when they are the center point of the story.
The other charterer that needs more air time is Quagmire, who is based on the great Larry from Three's Company. I'm quite surprised that they haven't contacted the actor to portray him.

So here's hoping for a great season, fingers are crossed.

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