Thursday, August 13, 2009

Viva Garth Vegas

When one website has a rumor, you kinda downplay it. When that same rumor is picked up by another website and that website is pretty much mainstream and there is no 100% denial of the rumor then perhaps there is something more to it.

Garth Brooks, the biggest selling solo artist in USA history with over 128 million albums sold in that country alone, is rumored that he has signed on to do a 16 week stint in Vegas.

The retired Garth brooks, who hasn't toured since 1998, apart from the old string of charity concerts and who hasn't released a new studio album since 2001, would surly sell out every show.

The question comes to mind though, why not just come out of retirement?? Yep, Garth has previously said he wont come out of retirement until his youngest daughter is 18, that would be 2014, but I'm guessing three teenage daughters wouldn't want to be hanging out with Dad all the time.

He could easily just do a summer concert tour for 8-10 ten weeks, and support the tour with a new album, he wouldn't have any pressure from a record label because he owns the rights to his entire catalog and has got his own record company.

He still has a loyal and fanatical fan base, it would work.

I'm guessing playing in the one city, Vegas, has more to do with his ongoing charity work, and hats off to the man for dedicating his time to his family and to help others, but on a purely selfish standpoint, it would be kinda neat to see Garth Brooks tour again, I'm sure all his Friends in Low Places would turn up.

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