Monday, August 31, 2009

This man is a Genius

This man is a Genius and it doesn't take a Genius to figure that out. It does though take a good spell checker to spell Genius right.

So what makes someone take the leap from being intelligent to becoming a Genius??

Well the official explanation is apparently a Genius's work cannot only be original, creative or bright but it has to alter the expectation of its audience. You can according to the those who measure such things, be a Genius in Science, Art, Sportsmanship or Statesmanship.

But I'm thinking they are leaving out one very important characteristic which all Genius's have, they are comfortable in their own skin. Watch any interview with Sacha Cohen when he is not in Character and promoting a role, then is no comments to shock people, he is dressed in a normal shirt and tie, not quoting any 17th century poet, he is comfortable.

Watch some of the guests they have on the daily show, people with decades of experience who study topics such as energy and the environment, they haven't got a large thesaurus out trying to impress, because they feel comfortable with the subject they are speaking on.

Now I decided to write about Genius's when I saw programme they recently had on TV here in New Zealand, that featured two serious interviews one with a guy from a rock band, and one with a writer/comedian. Most of the talk on Internet forums the day after, talked about how these guys are genius's, but I disagree.

The first guy from a rock band, was dressed up in a 1930's outfit, with a little pencil like mustache and started making little wee comments between his smirks, the other was dressed up like Captain James Cook and was very theatrical, I'm guessing they thought it would make them look and sound artistic .

I didn't get that feeling, it smacked of effort, it doesn't take a genius to wear an old hat and grow a mustache and it also doesn't take a genius to dress up as Captain James Cook, for that you only need a good costume shop.

So my advice to people who would like to know if what they are reading is written by a genius or if the performer they are watching is a genius, just ask yourself, Has this person alter your expectation? and are they comfortable in their own skin?

For those that are interested, I'm currently wearing a Garth Brooks teeshirt, and am using my spellchecker over and over again.

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