Monday, August 10, 2009

Telethon Raises $1.9 Million

Telethon raised $1.9 Million for the KidsCan charity over the weekend. TV3 hosted the event for the first time.

Although the 1.9 million is going to a good cause and will help over 30 thousand kids in poverty, the telethon wasn't considered to be that successful by many in the media, they gave several reasons, including the recession and the stars hosting the events to the cause itself.

I think they went wrong with a few things.

The cause was a good one, but the hosts didn't have the X factor and kids who are normally the big audience weren't interested in seeing Tom Bradly and GaryMcCormick.

When I was growing up the guests were considered cool at the time, the cast of Hill Street Blues and La Law, Leeza Gibbons and Kenny Everett. For some reason Tv3 felt the need to bring in an Aussie actor from a 80's skit show, Con the Grocer, who did nothing.

Can you imagine the excitement if they had of gotten a Miley Cyrus or a Kelly Clarkson or someone from Prison Break or Scahen Cohen or the Top Gear guys. They would of raised 10 million at least.

Now of course telethon is more about what Celebs come out, but the people who do come out have to be involved.

I worked for a charity in the late 90's and was able to get bigger people than the ones that appeared on tv'3 telethon.

What could of been done better is advertising, this event had no buzz, no one was talking about it, there was no feeling of community involvement, the venues were half empty, because no one seemed to cared.

Don't get me wrong, it's great for Kidscan to have 1.9 million, but someone needs to be fired at tv3 for this very poor effort, because a lot more could of been raised.

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