Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taito Phillip Field Guilty

Taito Phillip Field has been found guilty.

He was found guilty of 26 charges of 35 against him.

Among the bribery and corruption charges he was also found guilty of obstruction.

For those outside of New Zealand, Taito was a NZ Politician who offered visas to Asian immigrants if they would provide free work on his house and for cash gifts.

A more darker side of human nature appeared after the verdict was read.

His sister, screamed at the media that this is the fault of the "Freakin Asians" and that they were going to go down. I sincerely hope the police will look into this.

It's an ugly side of Nature, that poor Immigrants from Asia would be used by this man in power and for his supporters to spew racial abuse is sad.

In the coming weeks, Taito's family will play the race card to fire up his supporters, they will say he only got found guilty because of his race , the irony is that they themselves are racist for using and blaming Asian immigrants for his crimes.

The facts though are.

Taito Phillip Field was found guilty.

The Labour party took to long to sack him.

Some hard working immigrants are now out of pocket.

Lets hope the media and public and politicans contuine to fight for immigrants against racist politicans and their family members.

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