Friday, August 21, 2009

Strait to the Top with a little Twang

George has gone Strait to the top with a little Twang.

That is George Strait, and his album Twang.

Yet another number one album on the Billboard Top 200 for Mr Strait.

I haven't heard one song from this album, yet, because I'm waiting in anticipation.

You see, normally you know what you are getting from Mr Strait, a Traditional sounding country album, he's done this for 28 years. This time around, it's slightly different, first off he gotten into the writing side of things, instead of having song writers.

Secondly, this album has had overwhelming positive reviews, (normal for a Strait album), what isn't normal though is all the critics are saying this might surprise some people.

So instead of usual listening to bits and pieces on youtube and various other places, I'm going to go cold turkey until Twang gets released here in New Zealand.

Hopefully I won't be dissapointed, hopefully this will add a whole new concept to the music of George Strait, judging by public reaction so far, it has done just that.

Do we dare use the word Grammy already?

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