Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Should Stewart go Mainstream?

Should Jon Stewart go mainstream? Lets face it, if your a college student you get your news from Stewart, so instead of doing a half hour comedy show four days a week, while not present the news on a main network.

Now CNN wont be calling him up, after he destroyed their top rating show "CrossFire" a few years back, by showing up as a guest and calling them up on their incompetent.

Fox news wont hire him, despite being liked by Chris Wallace and Shepherd, his attacks on Glenn Beck and the Fox News Station have been getting more vigorous, either since the coverage of Tea Bagger protests and the 9/12 project.

So should Stewart go to CBS or ABC, a show like 60 Minutes or 20/20 may suit him the best.

While he presents the days news in a lighthearted manner over on comedy central, (with help from the great John Oliver), it is the last segment of the show that makes it compulsory viewing.

His guests are intelligent, they are both from the left and right, there is no screaming match and best off, you always learn something from it.

Stewart now has three weeks off, I think his time with the daily show should end, he is needed elsewhere, a softer style of interviewing in these hard times, getting the facts in his own unique way, IMHO he would be a breath of fresh air, and a positive in the world of Television news.

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Alex said...

Nonsense. He is doing his thing brilliantly right where he is. On a "NEWS" channel he would be expected to "present both sides"... which is the formula that the spin assholes depend on to foist their bullshit. On Comedy Central, he can let the assholes present their side, and he is not only free to make fun of their bullshit, he is expected to do so.
The fact that he is then able to use that as a platform to do real interviews is just some spectacular icing in the cake of his brilliance and perfectly being in the right place at the right time.