Thursday, August 27, 2009

Say Goodbye to the Big Guy

Robert is Gone.

Maybe the fun of Hell's Kitchen is gone too!

Last night, Chef Ramsay told Robert to take off his jacket and leave, in one of his more nicer sackings

I don't think Robert ever stood a chance in Hell's Kitchen.

After last season, where he left for health problems, Robert got a second chance in this series, in which he managed to get through the first few rounds unscathed. A slight relapse of his health, saw him miss one episode, but when he served up undercooked rabbit, that was the final straw.

He was a solid chef, and a decent bloke, but to serve up undercooked food to Rasmay after so many services, meant he was no,t what Ramsay was looking for.

The loud, rude, funny, fat guy has now left forever. The ratings will dip, I'm guessing he will be back for the final episode, to help out one of the two contestants win the big one.

I don't really like reality TV, the only three shows that are done with class IMHO are, Hell's Kitchen, The Apprentice and The Amazing race, and Robert should go into the hall of fame for these shows alongside, The College Boys from the Amazing Race and Brent Buckman from the Apprentice.

Yes he was funny, but he also had a kind gentle, honest nature with all the sincerity you could wish for in a human being. Rumor has it, he is starting his own restaurant, I for one would eat there in a heartbeat, I just won't order the Rabbit.

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