Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramsay Voted Best in the UK

Although he may look like Freddy Kruger in this picture, although the Tabloids may be ripping him a new one every few weeks, although his Restaurants may be feeling the economic pinch, Gordon Ramsay is still a winner.

He has been voted one of the two best Chefs in the UK, and his flagship Restaurant, has been voted one of the best Restaurants in the UK.

His workload is unimaginable, he has a dozen Restaurants to run, half a dozen television series and countless speaking engagements and on top of that he is raising a family.

Still his passion for cooking hasn't died down, every Chef under his wing is personally trained by Ramsay, every recipe used is one of his, everything that comes out of one of his kitchens has to be perfect.

That is why Ramsay will always be a winner, his devotion to what he loves, the fact he puts his heart and soul into everything he touches, he needs to be applauded, not criticize for what he has done for his chosen field.

He is in every sense a winner, and no amount of dropping the F bomb on Television can change that.

Hats off to him!

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