Friday, August 28, 2009

An Open Letter to John Dybvig

Hi John, in regards to your appearance on TVNZ, when you downplayed the Tall Blacks Victory over Australia, don't you feel that TVNZ used you for that purpose?

They have a history of downplaying Basketball victories, and downplaying Basketball as a sport, and probably wanted a Basketball Journalist, not a mainstream journalist to give the story more credibility.

You see, the public is use to Journalists like Brendon Telfer and Joesph Romanos knocking any team sport that isn't Rugby Union or Netball, so they thought we better get an insider for this story.

Thye have done this ever since the days of the old national league in the early 80's

Normally I agree with most things you say, but I just think you were used by TVNZ.

Also, didn't Australia have two main players out, not six?

It's just a shame, that this victory which was one of the great sporting achievements for our country, had to be downplayed by our leading news network and the person who downplayed it, was the one guy who I thought would celebrate it.

Shame on the corrupt TVNZ and a sad day for your career.

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