Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Greetings Mr Beck.

I have watched you for the past several months, and something was troubling me, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, you reminded me of someone from my past, I thought maybe I was crazy, but it hit me, you remind of a person I knew when I was 11, his name was Michael Unitia.

Like yourself, he seem to like to mock people who had different beliefs, he wouldn't try to hide it, and like most bully's he wasn't as clever as he thought it was.

You see he wouldnt use wit or satire, his idea of getting his point across would be to pull a face, over use his hand gestures, and put on a comic type voice, the other bullies loved him.

But his victims were always the weaker students, a girl who had problem with shyness, a fat kid, a kid who was into the environment and not the hottest band of the time, and myself, just a short kid who loved the sport of soccer.

When I see you on TV, I think of him, its not the fact that you don't want a raise in the Minimum wage despite being on decent wage yourself , it's not the fact that you have spread lies about the Health care system that european countries use, its your nastiness.

It was the speech you gave on President Obama's birthday that made me first think of Michael.

The fact that you were laughing at your own cruelness, making fun of someone's dead parents, it had nothing to do with conservationism, or just having a laugh, it was mean. I don't think I can feel sorry for you, I can only feel for someone if they have compassion.

That speech you gave and the way you gave it, reminded me of Michael in everyway possible, it was uncanny.

I guess the only advice I can give you is, is to tell you your not helping your cause doing this, but I'm guessing that is not your goal, your goal is too make money and like Michael your impressing the other bullies in doing so.

I just felt sad that a adult would act like you.

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