Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Office Reunion 2000-2010

On August 30th on BBC2 in England, The Office Reunion will take place, and I'm sure it will be a across the Internet within hours.

David Brent, Tim, Dawn and Gareth along with Stephen Merchant will be there.

How did this slip under the rader?

One of the greatest pieces of art in television history is going to be back on TV for one night only.

The show will of course feature all the usual deleted scenes, out takes and footage never shown before, plus interviews with the actors and maybe the actors themselves in their roles to show the public what has happened to each character.

Not many shows can say the changed television history, Mash in the 70's/80's, Seinfeld in the 90's and The Office, and for a show that only ever had 14 episodes, that is amazing.

Why was it so good???

The writing? the acting? the pauses?

IMHO, it was the directing, every scene was near perfection, they didn't make one mistake, it came off not as a sitcom but as a believable documentary, there was no shaky camera like most mock documentary's have, you didn't see the overhead microphones, they didn't need to do that to create a illusion.

It came off as a show that seem to have no effort put into it, but the truth is the reverse of that. The work Merchant and Gervais put in was beyond belief and that is the Genius of the Office.

What a treat for the fans.

I'm counting down the hours already.

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