Monday, August 24, 2009

New Zealand 5 Australia 4

A Historical moment for NewZealand sport over the weekend.

For the first time in our History, we have beaten Australia at Ice Hockey.

The Ice Blacks who have just recently made it into Division Two of World Ice Hockey has beaten Australia who are in Division one.

This is significant, Ice Hockey is truly a global sport, and we Kiwis are more use to victories in sports that are played by just a handful of countries, eg: Rugby, Netball and Lawn Bowls.

In fact I would go as far too say, in terms of team sports this is the best thing to happen to Kiwi sport since the Tall Blacks shocked the Basketball world by making the semi finals at the World Champs.

The Ice Blacks were supposed to get thrased at these Winter Games, but despite huge odds won a thriller.

While most the New Zealand sporting media, spent their time trying to make up Nicknames for a player of another code, (Hot Dan, Cool Dan, Dan the Man, Cool Hand Dan,) our Ice Blacks were making sporting History on the rink in Dunedin.

Lets hope this is the first step for Ice Hockey in New Zealand, a revamp national league would be great, remember what that did for BasketBall in the 80's here? The sport had a huge boost, thousand of screaming fans filled arenas every Saturday Night, the same can happen for Ice Hockey.

If only the media will give it a fair go.

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